Bioluminescence Tour

The unforgettable SUP386 Stand-up Paddleboard Bioluminescence Tour

  • Featuring a guided NIGHT tour of Merritt Island National Refuge
  • Experience the phenomenon of nature’s underwater light show
  • Tour limited to the late summer months
  • Cost is $55 per person and includes rental

Join SUP386 for a night you’ll never forget as we take you on a guided night tour through the mangroves of the Merritt Island National Refuge. We’ll launch after dark and marvel at the natural light show in the shallow waters. Observe fish, manatees and dolphin darting beneath the waters surface and resembling a meteor-like show. Every paddle stroke illuminates the blue-green algae while the wake of your stand-up paddleboard glows in the otherwise dark water. This tour is limited to the late summer months when the water temperatures rise enough to promote the algae blooms that fuel the light show.

The 2&1/2 hour guided tour is $55 per person and includes paddle and stand-up paddleboard rental, refresher course in water safety and proper use of the paddle and board, insect repellent, and a glow stick.