Finally! We had a little surf sneak through with paved the way for some SUP Surfing Daytona Beach. This summer has been so flat, it didn’t take much wave to get some excitement going and the ocean showed a little life this past weekend and into the first part of the week. The surf wasn’t big, had no tropical element to it, and was far from powerful, but it was knee to waist high on the beaches and waves nearing chest high were reported at some of the small wave magnets including New Smyrna Beach at the north jetty.

My SUP Surfing Daytona Beach experience took place at the Granada Ave beach entrance north of downtown Daytona. Beach access for vehicles is nice when you have to download the board and paddle and make the walk to the waters edge. I pulled onto the beach around 10am as the tide was continuing to drop. There were a few surfers out, but no other stand-up paddlers in the water. The surf was clean with steady south/southwest winds. The waves were really kind of weak, barely breaking and then backing off on the middle sand bar and then fattening up in the trough before breaking in the shallows of the inside sand bar.

The paddle out was a breeze with the small surf and offshore winds and in a matter of minutes, I was on the outside in position for a set wave that might feather on the sand bar there. Patience was the key, as the swell was inconsistent, but I did manage to snag a couple of waves and make the connections to the inside. Otherwise it was sitting inside and looking for a shoulder to peel in the shallow water, not the best proposition for SUP Surfing Daytona Beach.

All-in-all, it was a fun outing and some much needed “Salt Water Therapy”!