SUP Surfing Daytona Beach can be a tricky proposition. The surf has been flatter than flat here at the coast in Daytona Beach for the last month due to a persistent high pressure system anchored in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s not always flat but we are in the summer doldrums and hopes are running high for some sort of tropical system or a Bermuda high.

SUP Surfing Daytona Beach does offer a wide variety of paddle surfing opportunities when there is swell in the water. The premier spot is undoubtably Ponce Inlet in South Daytona Beach, where even the smallest of rideable waves peel on the well defined sand bars captured by the long jetty on the north side of the inlet. SUP Surfing is not the most welcome activity at Ponce however, due to the popularity of the break and the abundance of surfers in the water.

Other spots include the SunGlow Pier, Main Street Pier, and the Granada Ramp. Not to mention the countless sand bars that can be found nearly anywhere on the World’s Most Famous Beach.

If you plan on SUP Surfing Daytona Beach, just keep in mind that courteousy in the water will be an important item when you paddle out on a flat day or a day when the waves are pumping. It’s rather easy to aggravate the regulars in the line-up if you hog the waves, which is easy to do. As a matter of fact stand-up paddle surfing is almost unfair when you consider the ease of catching practically any wave you want. SUP Surfers can line-up further outside than conventional surfers, have the ability to generate more speed on the take-off and ride the wave a greater distance. Couple that with the fact that there is generally no wave too small and there exists an opportunity to enjoy more waves at any break! But it’s good to share, so be aware!